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 Pet Supplies


After a few weeks on a diet of raw food you will start to see a definite improvement in your pets health. the list of benefits is endless!`

If you are introducing your dog to raw food you must do it gradually

  •  No more allergies, this is due to cereals and preservatives in kibble.
  • Smaller, less smelly poops
  • The meat/bone is broken down by the acid in the cats & dogs stomachs much easier than kibble which means to less waste.
  • They enjoy their food and look forward to meal times with excitement.
  • They have a healthier stronger immune system so have more resistance to disease and ill health.
  • Their coats are shinier
  • No tooth decay, they will have healthy gums & sweet breath and as there is no bacteria swallowed with every gulp of saliva, it leads to a reduced chance of heart, kidney and liver disease.
  • More energy with better muscle tone
  • Easier to keep to the weight they should be with measured portions
  • Ultimately less vet visits